Memorandum to

Minstry of culture, Tourism and Antiquities

Govt of Sindh


Delegation Of Sindhi Adabi Sangat,Sindh.


1) it is the constitutional, moral and natural right of sindhi peoples that there innocent childrens should be educated in their Mother language i.e sindhi in govt; and private schools according to license agreement which have been signed specially by private school administration with provincial governments but unluckily our children are kept away from this basic rights. Being a ministry of culture it is necessary for this department to take  move and struggle for this national cause and not only raise voice but try for implementation for education in sindhi.

2) in near past during the process of publication of books by this department, publication committee have worked on favoritism and also they have not make concentration on merit, that is why so many senior and new generation writers have not been given chance to be published even they were  on merit. Due to this attitude average new generation writers have not good relations with a department which is working for culture and literature. Therefore all committees including endowment funds,wazefa committee and publication committees should be reshuffled on merit basis with the participation of new generation writers also.

3) As the Committees dealing with the cases of endowment fund and wazeefa are working from many years without  any face changes and have been not changed, even so many good peoples are  working in this committee but we think due to lack of concentration and proper attention many decisions are very surprising due to the lack of proper knowledge about Writers, Singers, Actors And many  wrong decision have been done and poor one is poor and who have contacts in media or with politicians they have been given huge amount and who have no any source have been given add not more than 25000/. Therefore it is our suggestion that committees should work on district basis and after getting proper knowledge funds should be allotted only on medical grounds and poverty basis.

4) Culture department should work on the group insurance of the peoples related with Art on emergency basis than the problem of endowment fund will be automatically resolved. 

5)Not only this department but all the publishing Houses should be insisted to give Royalty to  writers as in all over the world governments and publishing Houses manage it.

6) Culture Department should make an emergency move for the saving of Historical  palaces in Sindh because so many palaces(Magg makan) are being to be illegally occupied by source able persons as one of them is historical palace of Arorre.

7) This Department should make full attention for establishment of libraries in big and small cities of Sindh and make monthly Book fairs in such cities and all over the Rural areas, it will be great contribution of the department for the service of literature.

8) As we all are surprised to read news about the usage of funds in Horse and cattle show at Hyderabad. for the satisfaction of writers and concerned peoples with culture, Tourism and antiquities, this department should make a transparent system that people can know that how much and where said and other amount is being to be used.

We have lot of suggestion and we have a sprit for the promotion of literature, culture and work for our mother language Sindhi. Any one including this department will call us we will do job as a worker because we love our mother language and our peaceful culture. Hope our suggestions would be treated as a positive move for peaceful sindh. 



Sindhi Adabi Sangat,Sindh

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